JEC Partners with Kai Shing to Transform ICC’s Chiller System with Smart Energy Optimization and AI Powered System JEDI

01 Jun 2023

Hong Kong Tallest Landmark ICC’s Chiller Plant to be Digitally Transformed with JEC’s In-House Developed Solution, JEDI for Sustainable and Efficient Energy Management

Jardine Engineering Corporation (JEC) has formulated a charter with Kai Shing Management Services Limited (Kai Shing), a member of Sun Hung Kai Properties to provide artificial intelligence (AI) smart energy optimization at the International Commerce Centre (ICC), a Hong Kong landmark managed by Kai Shing.

ICC is a 118-story landmark skyscraper, comprising 2.5 million square feet of grade-A office space. Under the charter, JEC will help ICC to digitally transform its energy management system through a smart energy optimization solution powered by AI and machine learning technology provided by its in-house digital arm, Jardine Engineering Digital Insights (JEDI).

Kai Shing’s management team will empower JEDI Energy Suite to monitor the operations of their chiller plants and air-conditioning systems in real-time. This AI-powered solution enables the team to achieve energy and cost efficiency through Chiller Plant Optimization by continuously tracking its performance and making automatic adjustments. With Fault Detection & Diagnosis, predictive maintenance is also made possible through predicting and rectifying faults before they occur, in turn increasing economic efficiency of maintenance cycle planning. With the customized rich-data Energy Dashboards, operators can analyze, adjust, and make informed decisions. ICC’s chiller plants have a maximum capacity of 12,000 refrigeration tonnes. This collaboration will last for 24 months, during which JEC and JEDI will work closely with Kai Shing to achieve energy-saving goals.

Kai Shing’s Deputy Managing Director, Kevin Chu shared, “Kai Shing, as a member of Sun Hung Kai Properties, has always put into practice the long-standing belief of its parent company ‘Building Homes with Heart’. The property management sector has been placing great importance in sustainability in recent years. Kai Shing has been actively working with different organization and playing a leading role in various aspects, such as energy saving and carbon reduction, the use of renewable energy and waste management. In 2011, Kai Shing has collaborated with PolyU for the first time to implement a life-cycle commissioning exercise at the air conditioning system of the International Commerce Centre (ICC), the tallest building in Hong Kong. The collaboration has successfully achieved a remarkable energy saving of over 20M kWh between 2012 and 2022. To build on this success, we invited JEC to join the collaboration leveraging JEDI to study and implementing smart energy optimization with AI analytics for ICC. Under the impact of global warming, it is not easy to attain the goal, however, with the support and collaborative efforts from relevant parties, we are confident that Kai Shing is able to do it!”

John Chan, JEC’s Managing Director of Maintenance & Renovation, highlighted that “sustainability is JEC’s key business driver. Innovation helps us deliver the best solutions our clients and communities need in ever more efficient and sustainable ways. We are pleased to make the in-house developed JEDI solution accessible to different sectors across the regions, as it not only allows us to help make our clients’ buildings future-proof, but also unleashes the building’s efficiency to its best performance at every stage of its lifecycle. This year, as we celebrate our centennial anniversary, we are proud to take this as a key milestone that our innovative business and digital strategies are forging new paths for growth.”

JEDI’s smart energy optimization solutions can be customized for specific projects based on the client’s needs, enabling clients in any sector to take advantage of the one-stop services and value-added solutions while reducing their energy costs and advancing their journey towards decarbonization. By working closely with partners who share our vision and commitment, significant contributions can be made towards Hong Kong’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

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