02 May 2016

JEC Awarded Significant Contracts from The University of Hong Kong and MTR Corporation

JEC has been awarded a contract from The University of Hong Kong (HKU) for AA&I - Improvement of Building Management System (BMS) in 19 Buildings in Main Campus for integrated monitoring. The scope covers integration of existing BMS in those 19 buildings and extension of the BMS including some new building system provisions. The new BMS shall enhance HKU’s ability to remotely control and manage various building systems, hence adding values to the existing operations with increased visibility on systems performance and swift incident management. With integrated monitoring, it also facilitates potential energy saving initiatives while users’ comfort and needs are maintained.

For MTR Corporation, JEC has won a significant contract for chiller replacement at Wanchai MTR station and secured another significant contract to provide floodgate system of Shatin to Central Link Phase 2. The floodgate provision will be complex, as there are two ventilation buildings with a total of 6 floodsgates installed and constructed to prevent influx of the sea water to the land section of the tunnel, in the event of heavy leakage of seawater due to rupture of the immersed tube.

We are keen to provide engineering solutions to help customers in improving their facility management and system operating objectives that suit their best interests.

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