JEC Project:
Data Centre for a Fortune 500 Company, Singapore

DeveloperA Fortune 500 Company
JEC ScopeMechanical & Electrical Facility Management
Services Provided Since2008

Approximately 30 full time JEC specialist engineers and facility managers are responsible for the
Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) Facility Management of a tier 4 data centre for one of the world’s top financial institutions.

The JEC team provides 24/7 on-site support for mechanical & electrical services and critical
equipment under various redundancy requirements, as well as vendor management for work related to the preventive maintenance, repair and construction work.

In this critical environment where the load requirements are highly volatile, the team is also highly versatile in managing the different cooling requirements and electrical configurations under varying circumstances. The team manages state of the art systems like 22kV supply incoming,
11kV High Tension Prime generators, a parallel HT Generator with power grid supply, computer room airconditioning (CRAC) units and fire protection systems.

The team also manages the 2N+1 configured uninterruptible power supply to maintain a highly
stable power supply which allows the facility to operate with no down time. Furthermore, the JEC
team conducts the integrated system tests (IST) to verify and ensure that the equipment and procedures that are in place to provide the operational continuity in the event of interruption are working as intended.

Monthly engineering reports are generated with Data centre metrics such as Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) , in addition to utility consumption reports to compare Data centre efficiency with global standards. Bearing social responsibility in mind and supporting client’s sustainability initiatives, JEC provides and implements various energy and water conservation initiatives that help clients attain considerable savings in energy consumption. The impact of these sustainability initiatives are also compiled and reported by JEC for the client to attain Government credentials such as Green Mark accreditation.

To improve the operations and sustainability of the facility, JEC has also implement a series
of service improvement initiatives such as conducting temperature profile studies to optimise
the temperature setting, installation of glass panels for insulation, cold aisle containment, LED
installations, lighting control modules and usage of reclaimed water. The operation has been enhanced by implementing efficient tracking systems for Permit to Work and Building Incident Reports.
Incident review protocols and review meetings are incorporated to enhance the tracking and closure of incidents as well as to identify correlations to find better solutions.

Since 2010, the services provided by JEC have been expanded to cover the client’s similar
operations in Hong Kong and The Philippines.

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